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Since the stamping industry in the new century, the automotive industry is still the main driving stamping industry.

When we face in twenty-first Century, stamping business continue to drive by the automobile industry; it also affects the modern automotive technology market forces will affect the future development.

Major trends affecting automotive manufacturers' future plans include:

1. of the fastest growing auto market in the development of automobile industry, are building their own country. Therefore, these countries will develop manufacturing capabilities, including stamping, rapidly. More and more, they will also provide a large number of automobile components and parts

2. future models in the design and manufacture, and solve the environmental protection, safety, and fuel economy. Therefore, such as light structure, manufacturing process of recycling and environmental protection in the future development must face. This will require innovative technology.

3. original equipment manufacturers are increasingly dependent on global suppliers. Suppliers and manufacturers cooperation will continue to increase, it will take one and two suppliers to improve their research and development efforts, development components, components and new technology, to meet the requirements of customers.

4. the public hope is more secure, use less fuel, but also retain the performance, size, comfortable and practical level of the vehicle at present. In addition, customers want customized models must be in batch production than the traditional manufacturing model smaller. Therefore, a cost-effective process must be suitable for these special models can provide accept the price.

Taking into account these trends in cost, quality, delivery time has been fierce competition, we can expect the stamping industry, processing industry in the future must be a variety of technical challenges. The development of lightweight materials. Aluminum Alloy, TWBs, high strength steel, dual phase steel, bake hardening steel, aluminum plate, the formation of surface texture and improve the lubrication and so on, have put forward new challenges and need to learn new stamping practices.

Small batch production, in order to meet the demand of small batch production, the challenge is greatly reduce the mold cost. One way to achieve this goal is to mould manufacturing by casting them from liquid molding compounds by NC curing polyurethane board, or through the use of composite materials, such as cement and polymer mixtures.

Forming method for reducing the overall cost of the mold piece hydraulic will use the fluid pressure is used to press a blank needle on a single die to form a metal component, another method, considerable research is forming of European plate. This includes hydraulic involves first at the edges of two sheet welding together, then separate them from blowing the different geometries of the two tube core to form a container like components, applications such as fuel tank.

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