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location:Home>> CASE >> Metal packaging >> The detection controller cooperation case of Beijing metal packaging industry and KINGBOX printing machine coating machine cutting machine

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Customer profile: Beijing a metal packaging company, operating range of vitamins drinks, sales of own products. As Chinese outstanding quality of functional beverage supplier, will play the world famous brand, continue to expand the market network construction, strive for innovation, advancing with the times, adhere to the road of sustainable development of enterprises.

Application products: metal packaging industry printing machine double detector

The details of cooperation: in the production of the metal pot, the automatic conveying process before to ensure that no overlap, if the overlap will collapse edge, clamping burst mode, equipment stuck, waste material, delay, affect the benefit. In the automatic feeding machine to install the instruments for testing to determine the transmitted data whether there is overlap in the front, and non contact type, avoid the sheet with scratch marks, so the requirements of equipment suppliers must provide the equipment with standard double detector. This detector can meet all the requirements of safety, customer intelligence testing, reduce the difficulty of debugging, with non contact detection, the price of foreign products cheaper than customer service service. Better and faster and more convenient.

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