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In today's rapid economic development, many enterprises have begun to transition from the traditional manual operation into intelligent automatic production of safe and fast, especially in the material link to send the source of production using manipulator automatic feeding robot, for the protection of tooling equipment, in sheet automatic feeding process of "double detection" has become a production standard, and "KINGBOX" double detector series is safety detection function as a standard with the necessary products.

Double sheet detection controller is generally used in the production of auto parts, refrigerator, washing machine, electric cooker and other appliances metal parts stamping, bending, cutting process; metal cover high-speed stamping, other metal parts stamping. In the production process for automatic feeding of anti double overlapping printing machine, coating machine, cutting machine, punching machine, punching machine, manipulator, prevention of can body resistance welding machine and other metal cans packaging machinery and equipment industry, control of double metal plates (cover) overlap detection control instruments. In the production of tinplate printing, automatic feeding machine, mechanical equipment, in the production process for automatic feeding of anti double sheet to improve the speed of production overlap. The efficiency and guarantee the quality of the products.


KINGBOX double detector, high accuracy, can quickly identify the sheet overlap, the use of imported high-quality components, yield adequate delivery without worry. If you are interested in his products, please contact online customer service website, or call the hotline: 0757-85592487. contact we will serve you sincerely. KINGBOX double detector allows you to worry, effort more money.

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