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Back to list source:Kingbox double detector hits:1961 date:2017-06-10

Customer profile: Tianjin automobile industry, mainly produces auto parts, in cooperation with the two successful cases. KINGBOX detector

Application products: stamping equipment industry double detector for automobile parts

The details of cooperation: automatic robot production, sheet conveying before the need to check whether the single sheet in the transportation, ensure the safety of production equipment, avoid the waste of materials, testing instruments must ensure that no danger of anything going wrong, otherwise a card will die, die even serious explosion, only to ensure the normal delivery sheet in order to reduce losses, to avoid the waste of material, effect, ensure the quality of production. So the robot automatic feeder link to install a testing instrument is very important to judge whether the automatic feeding links overlap, KINGBOX detector is a non-contact type, avoid the sheet with scratch marks, so the requirements of equipment suppliers must provide the equipment A standard double, double detector. Detector of a Tianjin automotive industry KINGBOX meet the requirements of the production enterprises, the advantages of our detector: high precision, can quickly identify the sheet overlap, and strong anti-interference ability.

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