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Our company is set research and development, production and sales in one of the high-tech companies, products are based on different industries equipment and production requirements, independent research and development production targeted use of the "double controller", its professional applied to all metal Material overlap detection of security prevention and control testing, often used in conventional sheet overlap, cover type overlap, PCB type CCL overlap, metal cap pull the detection.

           HJG products it has non-contact, no wear detection, strong anti-interference, stable performance, easy to set up, easy operation, long life characteristics. Detection control signal can be directly connected to the PLC system, so that customers security Equipped with more effort to save money, the real realization of mechanical and electrical integration of automation, is widely used in a variety of automatic feeding system of robot and robot equipment.

           HJG application areas include:Hardware parts stamping industry, automobile production industry, circuit board production industry, metal packaging industry, home appliances production industry, etc.!Commonly used equipment:Presses, automatic punching machine, automatic punching machine, automatic punch press, gantry punch, circuit board equipment, easy to pull the production line equipmentAnd other automatic feeding links!



          In the rapid economic development today, many companies have begun to transition, from the traditional manual operation into fast and secure intelligent automated production, especiallyIn the production of the source of the feed section using a fully automated robot, robot feeding. In order to protect the mold equipment, in the sheet metal automatic feeding process "double material detection" has become a production specification,The "HJG" series of products is a standard with the indispensable security testing function of the product.

          HJG products have been more than 10 years of market applications, products are exported to all parts of the country, through direct or indirect exports to overseas areas;In a variety of industries have been a very high application of positive and good reputation! This depends on the support of various sectors of the customer friends and trust, thank you all the way to support!